Crave Health Podcast Featuring Mendi


We recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Ashley Besecker, owner of Crave Health to catch up on some behind-the-scenes stories from the World Cup and dive deep into the world of CBD and recovery. We appreciated the chance to connect despite our busy summer schedules and were excited to provide a peak under the hood to share what Mendi’s been up to this year.

Ashley has a stellar reputation working with some of Seattle’s finest athletes including Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe helping shape their personalized health plans. Her practice includes 5 registered dietitian nutritionists, 2 licensed mental health counselors, and is located in Bellevue, Washington.

Crave Health believes only when an active role is taken in wellbeing can a life be redirected, which leads to empowerment, balance, and happiness.

Sue & Megan recently did a Crave Instagram takeover to provide a glimpse into the role a personalized health plan has had on their performance and day to day energy levels. Here’s the video of them explaining a few of their health secrets and ways they made small changes recommended by Ashley that had a huge impact to their health and wellness.

During our conversation with Ashley, Rachael walks us through her past work with Megan to launch Rapinoe SC and her national championship together at University of Portland. This foundation set the stage for a career dedicated to improving recovery.

Don Moxley joins our board having left his career working with the Ohio State Wrestling program to dive deep into the cannabis industry focusing on product development. He shares a lot of his latest R&D on his blog Train Recover Win. For more information on his research, check out the recent talk he gave at the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference on The Role of Cannabinoids in Elite Performers.

Would you like to hear more conversations like these regarding our approach to CBD and recovery? Please drop us a line and let us know what you think. We’ve been on the road speaking with both elite athletes and weekend warriors on how they use CBD as part of their recovery program and daily supplement plan and would like to start sharing our insightful discussions.

Brett Schwager