Interview with Willamette Week

Photo by: Sam Gehrke

Photo by: Sam Gehrke

We had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with Hannah Chinn and Mark Zusman at Willamette Week for an interview discussing our plans with Mendi and our current status soft launching this summer. For an insightful catch up on how we formed Mendi and a sneak peak into what’s next, check out the full interview.

From answers covering wide-ranging of topics such as Rachael’s entrepreneurial background building the Rapinoe SC brand with her twin sister Megan Rapinoe to how the sisters opened up their mindset to cannabis as a way to manage pain sustained from injuries, the conversation helps tie together a few pieces of our background for those who don’t yet know our story.

Also included in the WW piece, is a 4-month throwback to our pitch at TechFest NW last Spring as part of PitchFest, where we had the chance as an early startup to compete as 1 of 10 selected finalists in a field of over 140 startups pitching. At the time we were still pre-revenue and were only three months into forming our company. It’s fun to look back at where we were just a few months ago. The days are long but the years are short!


You're very chill for someone whose world could change pretty radically in the next couple of months. But maybe that's the CBD?


[Laughs] Well, I don't know! I feel in my gut that we're onto something very big, but you always kind of cross your fingers, you know? So I'm just trying to be thoughtful and pay attention to the details. But yes, we're very excited.

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